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With Justin Cohen

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Transform Your Life or Emotional State.

Are you SAPD? (Successful and Privately Distressed.) You’re not alone! Stress and anxiety are on the rise, particularly amongst successful people. For many people the Corona Virus has put rocket boosters on their distress. Why don’t you give yourself a breakthrough.

Join me for a  complimentary, live group coaching session.

I will coach you on your specific challenge using my 5 Master Question Coach Formula. 

  • You will get  five powerful questions to help you achieve a life or emotional breakthrough.
  • 5MQ Coach incorporates the best of the major therapies and coaching models to enable you to overcome almost any difficulty: physical, financial, relationship and especially emotional.
  • This is a practical session where I will be doing live coaching so you can see exactly how it works and get your own breakthrough.   

What people are saying about the Breakthrough Master Class 

“The way my emotions used to affect me before was so unhealthy, but I feel like the last live call completely changed the way I think about things and it really helped me to deal with negative emotions.” – Sevara Naido

“Being able to face my fears and concerns using your 5 steps  made a huge difference when with a personal matter. By applying them I was able to overcome and take control. Thank you!” – Deborah Conlon

“What an amazing master class! I have a big presentation at work and I was very anxious about it being a success and going through the big 5 questions really put me in a state of empowerment and I am going through my presentation with different mindset and attitude. Feel totally blessed to have attended the session.” – Bernice Bouwer


Justin Cohen is a bestselling author and international speaker. He hosted a CNBC Africa personal development, television talk show where he interviewed some of the world’s leading experts on success. Along with Harvard Professor, Matt Kilingsworth, he was the positive psychology expert on the “Joy takes you further” global happiness campaign. Justin is currently doing his doctorate at Middlesex University in London and is the host and transformational coach on M-Net’s The Single Wives.

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